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Hermitage Health Annual Report 2020

Who is Hermitage Health?

We are a leader in the design, development and delivery of patient centric care. We are a forward thinking, nimble organization that offers a broad spectrum of healthcare facilities, services and research

With multiple, yet complementary areas of focus, we are uniquely positioned to redefine healthcare by shaping what it means to be truly patient centric

What does Hermitage Health Do?

Healthcare delivery

Our modern, world-class clinics, day surgeries and hospitals are the signature of our organization in which we proudly provide patient-centered care through the highest standards of safety, quality and service. Our world renowned research teams are at the forefront of medicine, leading the pursuit of new and innovative treatments across a variety of disciplines.

Healthcare design and development

Our leadership team brings a wealth of clinical, administrative and strategic experience allowing us to deliver turnkey solutions across all areas of healthcare ranging from accreditation and licensing, to healthcare management and development, as well as deep international partnerships and collaborations

What Are Our Core Values?


We strive for excellence in all that we do. From designing and delivering exceptional patient experiences, to pushing the boundaries of medical research, to staff development and retention; we are committed to being leaders in our field and raising global industry standards. No detail is too small and no interaction is overlooked – our focus on excellence guides and drives us to be better everyday


We are deeply committed to staying forefront of the industry through our ongoing investment in to innovation, education, and state-of-the-art tools & technology. As healthcare leaders, we believe we have a responsibility to continuously deliver groundbreaking medical research and innovative solutions across the spectrum of healthcare.


We are accountable to ourselves, our teams, our partners, and to our patients. We follow the highest standards of safety and quality in the care we design and deliver. We are privately held which means our patients and partners are the most important stakeholder in our business.


We welcome and respect the diversity of our patients, employees, partners and community members. We deliver excellent care that honors the diverse traditions, heritages and life experiences of all patients. Through mutual respect and acceptance of others, we provide an inclusive workplace that encourages full participation regardless of gender, position or cultural background


We are greater than the sum of our parts. Through teamwork, collaboration and partnerships we are shaping the future of healthcare. There are no boundaries to the care we deliver; we endeavor to find solutions to all our patients’ and partners’ needs whether they be delivered by our team or by the wider healthcare community