Diagnostic Testing: Amsler Grid

The Amsler grid is a simple screening test used to assess the macula.  t is a simple take home test used to monitor any changes in your vision. The Amsler grid has dark horizontal and vertical lines forming a grid. If any changes are detected on the grid, contact your ophthalmologist as soon as possible. These changes include wavy lines, missing areas, or holes on the grid. The earlier the condition is detected, the higher the success rate of treatment.

 Normal AMSLER grid with straight lines  Abnormal AMSLER grid with waves and holes
Normal Amsler Abnormal Amsler

Directions for using the Amsler grid

  1.    If you wear reading glasses, put them on for this test.

  2.    Hold the grid at a comfortable reading distance.

  3.    Cover one eye.

  4.    Focus on the dot at the center of the grid.

  5.    See if all lines are straight and squares the same. Notice any distortion or missing lines.

  6.    Cover your other eye and follow the above instructions.

  7.    If you notice any abnormal findings, call your eye doctor immediately.