Diagnostic Testing: Optos 200Tx

What is Optos 200Tx?

Optos is a widefield digital imaging device which is capable of capturing images extending out to the periphery of the retina. It can also be used to perform fluorescein angiograms.

Why is this needed?

In certain cases, abnormalities within the retina cannot be photographed using more traditional equipment as it does not cover a wide enough area.  Optos can capture these abnormalities in one single photograph. For example, in diabetic eye diseases the outer section of the retina is affected and requires continual monitoring. Optos aids in the effective diagnosis and management of such conditions.

Below are some images taken using optos. The yellow circle in each photo is the optic disc, where all of the nerves in the eye responsible for sight travel to the brain. The normal width of the optic disc ranges from 1.6-2mm.

A healthy eye 


An example of central retinal vein occlusion

Two examples of retinal detachment