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Sydney Retina Clinic and Day Surgery Consumer Forum

The Sydney Retina Clinic and Day Surgery consumer forum was held on the 20th of December, 2016. The feedback from the consumer forum have been compiled and the summary of the results is tallied below. We sought feedback in 12 areas. Thank you to the participants of the consumer forum. Your feedback is valuable to us and helps us improve the delivery and co-ordination of our care.

  Yes No NA Comments


Did you think that our policies are clear, concise and detailed to their relevancy?



Did you find the procedure provided clear and concise?



After reviewing the forms, did you think they were relevant and user friendly?

71.5%   28.5%
  • Hard to read.
  • Lots to take in.


Were you aware of the quality system in place and the ongoing work and commitment required to ensure standards are maintained and improved upon?

71.5% 28.5%    

Health and safety

Are you satified that the health and safety of patients, staff and visitors is met by the practice?


Staff education, training and competencies

Do you have any advice on any particular area of staff training or have suggestions to additional staff education?

28.5% 57% 14.5%
  • Possibly specific training to enable nursing staff to better understand the effects of preliminary testing from the patients perspective.

Consumer focus questions

Did you think that the topics covered were relevant?


Patient compliment and complaints

Do you as a patient actively complete our patient satisfaction surveys?

43% 57%    

Clinical indicators

Were you aware that our clinical indicators are reportable on a monthly basis?

28.5% 71.5%    

External services

Were you aware of the external services available to you as a patient?

71.5% 28.5%    

Other resources

Do the education sheets benefit patients and carers?



Do you think our objectives are achievable?

Other comments      
  • Been coming here for 10 years (approx monthly). Staff always helpful and fiendly and accomodating. Dr Chang provides an excellent service and fantastic patient care.


Sydney Day Hospital Consumer Forum

The consumer forum for Sydney Day Hospital was held in December 2016. Thank you to all 6 consumers who participated; we strongly value your feedback. With your constructive feedback and insight, it allows us to continually update and improve our current systems.

  Yes No NA Comments


Do you think the policies and clear, concise and detailed mto their relevancy?

100%  - -
  • They were all very clear and concise. Couldn't be happier.


Did you find the procedures provided clear and concise?

  • The staff was fantastic with my grandson and also with his mum and myself.
  • There was a confusion about the timing of the start of the procedure. It took a day to confirm time change from 11am to 10am.


After review of all the forms, dd you think that they were user-friendly?

100%  - -
  • Very user friendly.


Were you aware of the quality system in place and the ongoing work and commitment required to ensure standards are maintained and improved upon?

83.3%  16.7% -  

Health and Safety

After review of the risk assessment do you feel that we address all areas?

100%  - -  

Staff Training

Do you feel the staff recieve adequate training?

100%  -  -
  • They're fantastic

External Services Available

Are you aware of the external services available to you as a  patient?

33.3% 50% 16.7%  


Did you think that the objectives are achievable?

83.3%  16.7% -  
Other comments      
  • Very professional, patient friendly, very impressed.
  • Everything was extremely clear. I can't praise the staff enough absolutely fantastic, clear and very friendly. Made trusting them with my grandson very easy. Your staff and facilities are amazing. Well done. Very impressed. Thank you so very much. We were so very flustered when we arrived and within 5 minutes of arriving we felt at home and like we were with family. They went above and beyond to make us and my grandson relax.
  • The objectives a very blurry and there is no way defined how they are going to be measured. It has to be defined e.g. how much waste going to be reduced compared to last year. Or which certificates have to be done by when. Or how many academic paper needs to be published per year etc.
  • Consolidate questionaires whenerever possible.
  • Nice and friendly people. Office clean and provides confidence.
  • The information is set out well. Easy to read and understand. Education for the staff looks wonderful with lots of training offered. Everything covered. Well done!
  • TV could be connected showing either services at hospital or general TV viewing.


 Dr Chang at the MSO Congress31st Annual Malaysia-Singapore Joint Ophthalmic Congress

Dr Chang recently atteneded the 31st Annual Malaysia-Singapore Joint Ophthalmic Congress at the Pullman Kuching, Sarawak. He was one of two Australian ophthalmologists speaking at the event. Organisers hoped that the congress would draw attention to the need of professional ophthalmic care, and the important role that paramedics play in the region.

Speaking about anti-VEGF injections and patient care, Dr Chang explored the role of aflibercept in managing retinal conditions. Dr Chang also spoke on the assessment of retinal structure and function, and how this can help surgeons manage issues of the vitreo-retinal interface.

To read the full Newsletter about the conference, visit the Malaysian Society of Ophthalmology website.



The show must go on!

Attendance at the theatre doesnt have to be a thing of the past for those who are visually impaired.

The Belvoir St theatre, located in Surry Hills has launched its new 'Access' programme to help support people with physical disabilities experience the theatre regardless of their disability. To assist with those who are visually impaired, the Belvoir St Theatre offers Vision Australia's live audio description service.

Guests are given a small earpiece before the show, through which a narrator describes the actions, gestures and expressions of each performer. Upcoming accessible performances for 2016 are: 

The Drover's Wife - Saturday 15th of October at 2pm

Seat numbers are limited so if you are interested, please enquire early. For more information please contact the Belvoir Theatre on 0296993444 or visit their website at



Dr Chang accepting his award.

Dr. Chang Nominated for IMEB Award

Dr. Chang was awarded the Honorary Fellowship of the International Music Examination Board (IMEB) for services to ophthalmology and music.



Infection control update

Our practice uses disposable tonometer prisms on our Goldmann Applanation Tonometers (used to measure intraocular pressure). Instead of disinfecting our prisms between each patient, we have disposable prisms which are discarded after every use. This eliminates the risk of cross-infection between patients. 

All staff members regularly attend education sessions on infection control and hand hygiene. Each member of staff is also encouraged to undertake online hand hygiene tutorials to continually update their knowledge and professional development. At Sydney Retina Clinic & Day Surgery, we are committed to providing the best quality patient care for optimal outcomes.



International Support

Sydney Retina Clinic & Day Surgery is a proud sponsor of China Vision Incorporated. China Vision Incorporated is a non-profit, voluntary organisation that provides free surgery to people in remote areas of China.

We have recently donated a steriliser for an ophthalmic project in Cambodia, and we offer ongoing support to health campaigns in Third World Countries.