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Annual Consumer Forum 


Sydney Retina Clinic has developed an annual forum to allow participants the opportunity to voice their opinion on issues such as quality and safety in the delivery of our care.

Our latest annual consumer forum was held in December 2016.  Thank you to all who participated, your feedback was greatly appreciated.

Participants were able to discuss with staff their opinions on our systems of care delivery at Sydney Retina Clinic and we are very pleased to announce that we received very positive feedback on all aspects that were discussed.

The results of this meeting will be published for members of the public to review at our facility.

If you would like further information please contact reception on 9221 3755.


Installation of New Equipment


Macular Perimetry

Sydney Retina Clinic has installed a new machine which enables us to assess the function of the macula.  This differs from our other equipment, which are used to assess the structure of the retina and the macula.  It is important to be able to assess the function of the macula as there can be functional changes without any evidence of structural changes.  In reverse there can also be significant structural abnormalities accompanied by very little functional loss.

Macular Integrity Assessment (MAIA) allows us to evaluate the reduction in macular function and combine the results with any evident structural changes.  This will assist your treating ophthalmologist in deciding the best available course of treatment.



Sydney Retina Clinic has introduced a new scanning laser opthalmoscope named the Optos 200Tx.  This machine is a widefield digital imaging device which is capable of capturing images extending out to the periphery of the retina.  This allows for a much greater area of the retina to be captured in one single shot, compared to traditional equipment which involves several shots superimposed together to create one larger image.

The images are captured in an automated, patient friendly way without actual contact with the eye.  Other benefits include the angiogram function, allowing a series of images to be captured as fluorescein dye is introduced to the body and flows through the retinal blood vessels.

Moreover the Optos technology has been created to capture images through a minimum pupil diameter of 2 mm.  This means for patients who have difficulty with pupil dilation, images of the macula and peripheral retina can still be accurately and effectively obtained through small pupils.

Through the use of this new technology we can better diagnose and monitor diseases or disorders that manifest in the retina.


 Internal Audits

Sydney Retina Clinic aims to deliver the highest standard of healthcare to patients undergoing medical and surgical treatments.  Currently within Sydney Retina Dr. Chang is conducting internal audits to ensure these high standards are maintained.  The results of these internal audits are used to further our knowledge and expertise in the field of eye diseases and treatments.  As a patient, you may therefore be invited to participate in these audits by providing your consent and allowing us access to your medical records held here at the clinic.  All information obtained is deidentified and kept confidential.  Should you be considered and invited to take part in these audits, more information will be made available to you at the time of your appointment.


 Blind Man Plays Bowls 

When we first met Alex, he was very despondent because he couldn’t see well enough to play bowls.  He had developed Wet Macular Degeneration which had distorted the vision in his left eye.  After Dr Chang put Alex on a course of Lucentis injections, Alex’s vision improved considerably.  Alex purchased a device called a monocular to help him sight the jack and now is back playing competitive bowls.

Alex’s vision in now stable and he is enjoying his retirement. He visits us every few months for a check up.
His team mates are pleased to have him back as he is playing so well.  In fact one of his opponents complained  “How can I tell my mates I was beaten by a blind man!”.

Alex is keen to spread the word about Macular Degeneration and the benefits of Lucentis treatment.